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Yo, my name's Alejandra, I'm 21 and I live in Mexico.
I love talking to people and making new friends.

This Blog contains a lot of randomness.

No, seriously. It does.

I have a story tonight.

Around three days ago my Spaniard cousin came to visit, he’s a distant, really distant relative, like, I doubt we share any blood links haha, we barely see each other because he lives really far (duh, no shit) but we skype often and I love him, he knows like, almost everything about me (except the dirty details lmao)

ANYWAYS that’s not the point, the thing is, today we went shopping and out of all the days to bump into people I hate… A guy that broke my heart some time ago was there with his girlfriend, and I, of course, was all: “WELL SHIT.”

My cousin, his name’s Emilio btw, instantly notices that I’m glaring at the distance and he’s all: “That’s the guy isn’t he?” Told ya he knows a lot about me haha.

So I’m like: “That’ that bitch.”

And he’s all: “Well, let’s show him how much better you can do.”

Now you see, the thing is, Emilio is gorgeous, he’s a model and holy shit, if we weren’t related… LOL NO, BAD THOUGHTS.

But seriously tho, he’s so, so fucking handsome, he was getting so many double-takes just because he’s that pretty and sooooo tall, he’s like, 6’8” and he has pale skin and really, really dark hair and the prettiest, clearest blue eyes you can imagine.


When the douche was coming our way, Emilio was all: “I know you’re a good actress, and so am I.” And wrapped his arms around me and picked me up and just hugged me like, squeezing the life out of me, and I was squeaking and clinging to him because the floor was nowhere near my feet lol.

So then he puts me down and takes my hand and squeezes it and just stares at me lovingly and placing small kisses over my temple and cheeks.

LOL AND THEN I glanced over at the douche and he was just staring at us, his mouth hanging open and his girlfriend (who, for the record, is SO NOT PRETTIER THAN ME) was wincing because apparently he had her hand in a death-grip.

So I just smirk over at him and wave as a lean over to hug Emilio. 


Then when they were out of sight, Em and I just LAUGHED SO DAMN HARD.

Jesus, It was so much fun, I fucking love my cousin.

  1. hobbsnobbler said: Serves the bitch right. ;) Your cousin sounds pretty damn amazing.
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